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EService is web based software that enables a field service team to receive and respond to customer work orders.

Its features include:

  • Mapping
  • Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Live Schedule
  • Push Button Invoicing
  • Mobile Communications
  • Instant Job Detail Updates
  • Photo and Signature Capture

EService Connects office administrators with a company’s mobile workforce to distribute up-to-the-second job information allowing for real-time data to be transmitted to whoever needs it and when they need it.

Who should use EService?

Any company which has mobile people in the field – they could be:

  • Repair and maintenance staff
  • Installation staff – telecoms, TVs, HVAC, security systems
  • Security personnel
  • Campus or building workers
  • Sales staff
  • Healthcare workers
  • Local, regional and national government – road repairs, meter readers, etc
  • Anyone who spends the majority of their time as mobile workers


Office Dispatch/Service Manager allows Administrators to:

  • Allocate and dispatch jobs efficiently according to staff availability and location
  • Assess job status and progress giving them the ability to advise customers of current conditions of work order
  • Ability to invoice a customer as soon as a job is completed by exporting job information from EService
  • Reduce data entry and the errors that result from lost or incorrect paperwork

Field staff view - EService is powerful, cost-effective software that enables your field service team to:

  • Receive and respond to service orders within seconds
  • Access accurate, up-to-date job and customer information
  • Provide prompt efficient service to customers
  • Track and record resources used on a job, including parts and labour
  • Offer your customers time commitments thru clear job visibility and worker progress

Job Management Features:

  • Use the Job List to view job summaries, f­ilter by dates or current job status and sort by any column – customise the columns that you view
  • Use the Diary screens to view jobs, colour coded by current status and fi­lter by region (work area) – setup different views for different dispatchers
  • See real-time job status updates (when Field Workers are within coverage)
  • Automatic timestamps allowing you to monitor and measure travel time, working time, down time and administrative time per job
  • Review notes added to jobs by Field Workers
  • Review parts, labour codes, trouble-found codes, solution codes and other resources added to jobs in the ­field
  • Recall, update and cancel jobs that have been dispatched
  • Add public and private notes to jobs with automatic timestamps and user identifi­cation
  • Business to Business updates of job events, status changes and added resources using the Web Services callback interface and XML email interface
  • Send automatic email updates to external parties when jobs change status
  • Jobs may be paused and resumed multiple times with full status history, including reasons for stopping work and expected resume times
  • Print job details or print an invoice created from job details
  • Override job status if Field Workers are out of coverage or lose their device
  • Export completed job details to popular accounting packages

Workforce Management

  • View current roster, assigned jobs, job progress and time-off for each Field Worker (optionally ­filter this view by assigned work areas)
  • Use the Diary screen to spot job clashes and spare time at a glance
  • Report on worker productivity, travel times and categorize by job types
  • Capture time off, preventing job assignment and creation when Field Workers are not available
  • Assign zones to workers and dispatchers
  • Confi­gure Field Workers devices


Customer Management

  • Maintain a list of regular customers and their contact details for quick access
  • Search on all customers created and used
  • Export and import customer lists from other applications such as accounting packages