Data is transferred from a mobile or field worker’s handset to Econz web-based software for real-time backend management capabilities. 

Who should use Timecard GPS?

  • Sales teams
  • Retail & merchandising
  • Construction
  • Government – national, regional, local
  • Telecommunications
  • Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Security and safety
  • Field services – repairs, maintenance, HVAC,
  • Logistics &Transportation
  • Many More!


Companies that use Econz Timecard can expect to benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased worker productivity
  • Reduced paperwork and time savings
  • Decrease in Time-Theft by Employees
  • Manage workforce more efficiently
  • Streamline Time and Attendance into preferred , ERP, Accounting and Payroll Systems
  • Increase Profits by saving on everyday costs (fuel, administration, overtime, etc.)
  • Low set-up costs
  • Affordable operating costs per device
  • Almost immediate ROI[H1] 
  • Very easy to use
  • Training provided
  • Updates included
  • Customisation by request
  • Management reports used for Labour issues

Timecard GPS Features include:

  • Easy to use software that allows your workers to be tracked throughout a business day. Mobile workers are able   to clock-in, take a break, change tasks and clock-out; all directly on their iPhone, Android devices – smartphones and tablets
  • Employee Tracking (Location, Movement, Speed and Direction, with over 12 Triggers to alert managers )
  • 30 management reports (Time, Attendance, Tasks, Sub Tasks, and many more)
  • Custom and Editable Fields on Handsets (Mileage, Custom info from field, etc) View multiple employee locations   on the map
  • Team Service: Clock in and out multiple field workers from a single device . Supports up to 45 members per team
  • Web-User log in/out - Administrator log in/out
  • Manage Scheduled Reports: from our 30 reports, your managers can now schedule which ones they want, when   and frequency: eg. Daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Manage Web Team Leads: your team leaders or manager can now configure the levels of reports that may be viewed, eg. All KZN teams; their teams only. Management can decide to which level the teams’ performance is visible.
  • Alert Admin with the Clock In/Out Exception Report: Your admin teams need to know if some is late, not turned   up at all, who is working or not. This also allows field management to decide to send a temporary worker from   nearby if necessary. You can configure specific time limits for clocking in, and follow up to see if the person is sick, always late, and more
  • Fast Report Response times: this brings you faster editing and report running speeds.
  • Twitter feed updates for the web portal: stay on top of the most recent news about website updates, new features and downloadable versions of our applications.